Listening Ear

Advance to an artificial WhatsApp-based intelligence system to receive real feedback from employees and enhance their experience

Still relying on outdated surveys to get employee feedback?

In the modern era, employee satisfaction and their involvement are key elements in the success of the organization. With the increase in remote work trends and the need to improve communication within teams, innovative solutions are required to manage the employee experience. This is where our advanced artificial intelligence system comes into play, providing smart tools for listening, analyzing and responding in real time to employee needs.

How It Works?

Our system uses artificial intelligence to create personalized dialogues with employees via WhatsApp. It literally "dubs" the employees, collects feedback continuously and regularly, analyzes feelings and provides managerial insights quickly and efficiently. The system also allows employees to ask questions about the company's policies, report problems and address any issue. In addition, the system can identify problems in real time and send alerts to managers so that they can act immediately.

Why do you need it?

The system provides many benefits to managers and employees alike. The managers receive detailed reports with action insights, metrics on employee engagement and sentiment analysis - including trends that are presented visually and enable a quick response to various events. The employees enjoy open and efficient communication with the management and feel that they are heard and appreciated. For example, if many employees report a workload, the system will analyze the data and alert managers of the need for adjustments. In the event of a conflict between employees, the system will mediate discreetly and help resolve the issue fairly and quickly.

Common Questions

What is the system and what is its purpose?

Our system uses artificial intelligence to collect feedback from employees, analyze sentiments and provide management insights. Its purpose is to improve the involvement and satisfaction of the employees and to facilitate the management of the employee's experience in the organization.

How does the system collect feedback from employees?

The system creates personalized dialogues with the employees via WhatsApp. Employees can share feelings, ask questions and report problems in real time, when all information is analyzed and provided to managers in an organized manner.

What are the benefits of using the system?

The system enables open and efficient communication between employees and management, provides detailed reports with action insights, identifies problems in real time and sends alerts to managers. This way you can improve the work environment, increase employee satisfaction and reduce the rates of leaving.

How does the system handle conflicts between employees?

The system allows employees to report conflicts discreetly and mediates the discussion between the parties using artificial intelligence. The goal is to reach a fair and quick resolution of the conflict while preserving the privacy of the participants.

Does the system support a variety of languages?

Yes, the system supports a variety of languages, including Hebrew, and provides personalized dialogues according to the preferred language of the employees.

How can I start using the system?

To start using the system, contact our support team for initial training and installation. After that, you can configure the system according to the specific needs of the organization and start collecting feedback from the employees.

Is the system secure?

Yes, our system offers a high level of security to maintain the privacy of the employees' and the organization's information. All data is encrypted and protected according to the highest industry standards.

Can the system be adapted to the organization's needs?

Yes, the system is flexible and can be adapted to the unique needs of each organization. Additional modules can be added, customized dialogues can be defined and integrated with existing systems in the organization.